Ontario Police…re Taser Story…Part Deux

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Concerning part 1, last night, there was a certain character who I mentioned….ask him about 1984 escaped prisoner from Innes Road…always bragged that he wanted to be a cop killer…..me, Johnny Robertson and a few other guys…..headed out to Innes Road to search the area…..knowing full well how dangerous he was…..A. Sariault called us off…he was a sargeant….he ordered us over the radio to leave Innes Road area before we had even started searching (would have found him – he was hiding underneath a highway overpass…one of the first places we would have look if we had the chance…but were called off….and he even bragged in his trial for murder he was watching us the whole time)….anyways, SWAT team marvel ordered us out of the area because it was not “our jurisdication…get the hell out of there….who do you think you are?”  ….. a week later, said prisoner did indeed murder a policeman, a uniformed officer from Nepean / Ottawa while he was sitting in Bayshore shopping center snack bar eating breakfast and that officer’s name is David Utman…so, ever since then, 1984…..marvellous SWAT man had a hard on for me that was almost embarrassing…..not to him I’m sure….but whose got blood on his hands? and blood on his ego?  I hope you sleep well every night you dork….signing out, no respect from me…..Andy from Ottawa…


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