Ontario Taser stuff…Part trois…and this one is for murdered policeman David Utman…Nepean Police 1984…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Utman family, I cannot emphasize enough that you read my two blogs concerning Ontario Police….Tasers….Part 1 and Part 2…..I think part 2 will give you a lot to think about….and, give you a lot of answers….about the murder of your ex-husband, your father, and from what I have long heard before, a good police officer…..can you believe it…..one of our own had everything to do with it….a so called SWAT man, an Ottawa Police marvel……ya, it’s true Utman family….it was not just Michael Peter Collins….he just pulled the trigger…..an Ottawa Police Sargeant enabled it….as I said, read part deux….respectfully yours, still remember your loss….even marched to and from the church on Woodroffe Avenue, so you know my veracity…RSVP anytime….Andy from Ottawa…..


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