Cyber Bullying Mother gets off of murder charge (we know it was suicide but it was still a murder)….

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen 

Please forgive me for any expletives I will be using in this story….ok, you got a psyco mom inpersonating a boy over the email and targets a neighbour girl…a young teenager at that….July 02, 2009, Thursday just found out at 5:01 p.m. EST…that that psyco bitch is acquitted for the young girl’s suicide that she provoked by pretending to be a boyfriend who spurned the young girl….ok America….I know your justice system has been screwed up…we only have to look at O.J. getting off for double murder, but is serving time for stealing property….so American property is more important than American lives….that says a big mouthful….and this she devil witch of a bitch is acquitted of murder when she herself directly caused an innocent to hang herself and commit suicide thinking she was a spurned girlfriend of a internet boyfriend….man oh man….she should be looking at least a maximum life sentence for man slaughter….because it was preplanned, there was a reas meaa and there was actus menas…..all I can say to you in the USA I think you have to go back to your time honoured and well feared and respected vigilante system….I know if that was my daughter up here in Canada that bitch would have been six feet under pushing up wheat for the hungry….a helluva long time ago….



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2 responses to “Cyber Bullying Mother gets off of murder charge (we know it was suicide but it was still a murder)….

  1. sstorm0730

    This was so wrong on so many levels. That woman is so disgusting, words can’t describe the hatred I feel toward her. And, I don’t like to hate.

    • Andy Stephen

      Dear Storm,
      I can understand you….I know, hate causes cognitive dissanence….I understand that well…but I’m a burnt up 12 year veteran cop, ex-independent biker (still ride with the big boys though) and worked for almost 13 years for the homeless…but, unlike you because of all I have been through, have seen, and have seen consequences thereof….ya, I still hate and I still do….so, when I say that she devil bitch of a witch should be six feet under pushing up wheat for the hungry…..I mean it….RSVP ASAP….you sound cool…Andy from Ottawa

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