Ontario Justice Outrage….100 Charges…Ya, Right!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, today is the 3rd of July, 2009, and I have been watching all day, news flashes that one couple (i.e. 2 people) have been charged with over 100 counts of firearms and drugs offences….ok, I’m an ex-cop and even I am not so blinded to know a foist on the justice system (been there, didn’t do it, but did the time anyway) ok, so what are the cops doing now to over-charge their charge sheet….are they counting each bullet?  and, are they counting each leaf of a forbidden herb?  are they counting each tiny pill and losing count in the process?  when the hell will this stupid system of over-charging people for offences when they know they will only get one or two convictions ever end?  Like I said, me ex-cop, over-charged, on bullshit, so, been there, didn’t do it, laughed my way all through jail, in all honesty, even helped out big time in the 1996 Innes Road Detention Centre riot….one of the leaders, and am still very proud of it….so cops, you goofs, don’t over-charge….you’re only going to lose the respect and credibility in your original charges….for instance, have you ever seen a judge throw up his hands and say…this is too much for this stupidity!  Charges dismissed….in other words goof cops….over kill, kills the goose and kills a goofs credibility…..as I said, been there man on both sides….you fucking goofs…no respect, Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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