Orillia Outrage….Veterans Trust Me….You Got People Who are Behind You!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Noble Veterans, concerning what I have seen on Roger’s small blog for Ontario news today…..I read, and it was so brief to read (add insult to injury eh?) I read that a mural was de-spoiled…..as in, vandalized…..as in desecrated, as in insulted……as in damning the memories of whomever that mural was about…..as I said, the Roger’s small blog on TV was not at all specific…..myself, I have to assume it was probably a Legion Hall or some fraternity for the noble veterans of Canada…..and, this incites me to no end…..I am a 54 year old ex-cop and I served with and under one hell of a lot of elderly Korean war veterans, a couple who served in Viet Nam, and as a son of a Spit-fire pilot in training, just before the war ended, I am so angry! and, boy would I like to have ever ever come across assholes desecrating a Heroes Gravestone, Cenotaph, Mural, Legion Post, whatever……I’ll gladly do the time….to stomp on some asshole like that…..I need not say more!  Much respect, you Heroes one and all….Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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