B.C. Burn Victim…Wants to End it All…read this first, please, I beg you!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Burn Victim in B.C. ….burnt over 90% of his body….20 years ago in Ontario who wants to end it all…..My Friend, and I mean this sincerely, no, I am not a burn victim, but I can well understand all the strange looks and whispers behind your back everyday that you have endured…..my question is, why after 21 years you want to end it all?  My God, you could be and should be wearing your visible and yes indesputably invisible wounds as a badge of honour…and councilling other burn victims…..God knows as a biker myself, I’ve met alot of people like you and not counting the amputees……We need you alive!  and I will repeat this in capital letters….WE NEED YOU ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! TO HELP OTHERS!  WE NEED YOU ALIVE!!!!!!

Now as for myself, I got fuck all to complain about in life…..yes, I have a head injury from a motorcyle accident, that has left me with brain deficits, and partial paralysis my entire right side….and, three years ago, probably more, I forget (head injury speaking here), I was diagnosed with oncoming colon cancer…..and I refused all treatment to eradicate it….I still drink like a sailor, I still ride my trike – Harley Davidson cuz I have no balance…..and I smoke like a fucking chimney…..when our time comes….it comes….so……you my unknown friend, do some good and you will feel good……help others, and you will find you are helping yourself…..get back to me at my blog at www.ajmurdoch.wordpress.com…..and remember, many people (think of our WWII spit-fire pilots who survived horrific burns) care, and if you dare, you’ve already gone through 21 years, show that you too care……much love to my unknown friend, I am not for an instant diminishing or minimizing your pain, but lots of people were before you, with you now, and will be after you…..hang in there…….start volunteering as a undoubtedly well experienced volunteer and advisor and councillor…..and you will feel immeasurably gratified…..you’ve been a hero for 21 years….HEROES DON’T QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yours, Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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