Perry Dunlop….July Update….As promised….Monthly

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Perry, well, the Anglicans are at it again….I forget which Province…this perv came from….but anyways, another Anglican priest multiple sex offences…..and, once again, he gets bail…..and no doubt is kissing his mason ring for his good luck…..Perry, you know how I feel about you…..and, well understands the good fight you fought…..and, promise fulfilled every month I’m going to update your story across the blog, across Canada, and across the world….about a good cop, actually a great cop who was only doing his damn job hunting down child predators and who did you expose?  Priests, clergy, mayors, business men, etc….etc…etc….and you’re the one who was hung out to dry…..for doing your own damn job…..and you have to live across the country… sacrificed a lot my Friend, I love you like a brother….and respect you as a man, what more needs to be said from me…..and I’m sure a lot of people who cannot articulate as well as I do feel the same way…, once again my friend, promise fulfilled for this month…..the pervs hiding behind their robes and bibles and mason rings are still at it here in Ontario……much respect my Friend, Andy from Ottawa


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