Republican Congressman King vs. The Perv…Right On!!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Congressman King, finally, after 3 days of Michael Jackson network (used to be CNN) (used to be HLN) somebody in authority and with smarts and credibility and yes, power….has finally spoken up and said exactly what 95%, I am sure, what American people, and yes, us smart people here in Canada, are thinking and thought all along…..good riddance to one less perv in the world….good riddance to the ridiculousness and fawning over a well known and acknowledged sexual deviant….congratulations Congressman King…spoken as a true Man and spoken as a true representative of your constituents and the American constituents at large……you are a brave man….you got balls the size of grapefruits Man!  Yours sincerely, and in admiration…..Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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