Michael Jackson…A Beautiful Send Off!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Well, you had one hell of a send off….and the chapter is closed….I agree, you will indeed and deservedly so leave behind one hell of a legacy…..this will be the last blog I will write about you….but, I too will always remember this day that yes, a genius, a person as flawed as we all are and yes, somebody who eclipsed even the moon in terms of his past and what could have been his future….a la the Rat Pack, you know Sinatra and the boys….anyways, that was denied you by your untimely demise….but, your impact and talent and inner hidden beauty will live on through your children….God Speed Michael….yes, I wrote alot about your dark side and I am honest enough to admit it….but, we all have our dark sides….yours just got exposed more than most other people….as I said before, God Speed…Rest in Peace….you’ve earned it, I have to admit….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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