UK invents artificial semen…CNN

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Well, Dear Readers, I think we have explained why the Royal Family and a lot of the Brits are the way they are…..they have just announced that they have created artificial semen…..well, that explains Prince Charles Jug Ears and all the rest with the exception of Prince Andy (I kinda like the guy……he’s my name sake)….and Andy as you know was the wild child, remember Coo Stark….the porno star…hell, he was the only normal one…..anyways, much kudos to you, in the UK for first cloning and now creating artificial semen….what the hell else do you do with your time?  Curious, befuddled, Andy from Ottawa, Canada….p.s. I will never ever ever shake hands with a Brit….he might be an off-spring…oooooh kinda scarey…..


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