Canadian Immigration Minister Wants to keep out Criminals!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, Canadian Politicians, I guess the crazy days of August (you know exactly what I mean) started early this date of July 10, 2009, so, apparently the Immigration Minister, like my title says, wants to keep out, I guess, foreign criminals…..well, like the old saying goes, before you sweep other people’s doorsteps first make sure you clean and sweep your own….and then from there I might add, climb the ladder of who we let into the country i.e. the ones with money…, who can they be?  triads?  ms13? tongs? Big Boys?…do you get the point now?  I have not even gone into another continent…political correction I guess….teeheehee have fun in Uganda….anyways, you’re full of bullshit and emptiness after that bullshit has passed your bowells…so, don’t make ridiculous statements and publicity quotes you have no power or intention of following up on…..leave us in our la la summerland bliss….but, wait until parliment is in session…..and, we’re in touch directly with our MPs…..Andy from Ottawa….



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