Gov. Sanford SC (Rep) I never thought I would have to write this….

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Hey Gov, honest to God I never thought I would have to write this message…..up here in Canada whenever your name comes up amongst my friends, we salute you!!!!!!!!!!! We’re not fooled by the sycopantic CNN who always weeps and wails and tears their clothes off  in so called sympathy for the spurned wife….I remember very well when the first iota and scintalla of this so called story came out….it was obvious she had already kicked you out….so I remember that first….as you can see I got a good memory….then, the outrage struck with CNN and then et all…..and the final nail was the exposure of your beautiful “mistress”….kudos to you Bud… were already kicked out of the house (first CNN reports), then your mistress was exposed….and, now I guess, you’re treading water….not because of your heart but because of your career…..mano a mano…don’t give in….for a New York second….follow your heart wherever it leads you….be it Argentina or a miserable married life…..that you would have to pretend to engage in for the sake of a political career that is due to expire within years……follow your heart man….ignore the politically correct and your so called advisors…follow your heart and you will not go wrong….much respect….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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