Mexico…Land of Sun and Fun and Unsolved Murders….

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok Mexico, I’m speaking up for the Americans here just in this sentence…..CNN reports a couple as in a man and woman were beaten and shot to death yesterday…, to us in Canada…..we have had untold, under reported, never resolved crimes against Canadians in your pig nation…..due to obvious police corruption, ineptitude and possible colusion with the bad guys…  your drug gangs….victimizing “les gringos”….I remember very well, last year, when I left a message on the Mexican embassy’s phone recorder protesting the continuing (8 years) incarceration of an innocent grandfather accused of “drug smuggling”…..would you believe, Dear Readers, within 6 hours of that call the pig nation had the RCMP show up at my door…..apparently I must have hurt their poor feelings…showing them some sort of disrespect…anyways, a couple of weeks later, one of my daughters and a whole gang of her friends were going to go to Cancun and I emphatically ordered them to stay away from that pig nation…..they went to Haiti instead… anyways, as I said years ago….and today, tourists boycott the pig nation…..don’t even buy anything you can do without from said nation….and we bitch about other corrupt totalaterian police states across the world?  Andy from Canada



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2 responses to “Mexico…Land of Sun and Fun and Unsolved Murders….

  1. Andy Stephen

    Dear Joy,
    Andy here….thank you for responding, I hope you were never a victim of that evil empire….but, for responding to my blog, if you agree, and obviously have facts of your own, and read in newspapers substantiating histories and news items….spread the word amongst your friends and family…, Gringos have to stick together….and protect ourselves, especially our women….much respect, and thanks, Andy from Ottawa, Canada

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