Emmett Till….God Poor Child…When will you ever rest?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

God Emmett, like my title says, when will you ever rest in peace?  that you so richly deserve…..the outrage in Tennessee graveyard was a desecration enough!  but, you of all people would be subjected to that…..at least, they had the respect enough for you I guess, to rebury you in another casket…….but, what the hell did they think they would do with your original casket on the open market?  or anywhere?  well, Emmett, your original casket hopefully will be in a civil rights church or museum or reburied with you somewhere in a safer site……personally, I think you should be buried, I’m sorry to say, reburied, along side MLK…..or somewhere in prominance in Washington DC……because if not for you my beloved Son, there would have not have been such an impetus in the civil rights movement back when you were martyred….Bless you Emmett….yours and I know that you are looking down on me….and smiling that beautiful smile that I have seen of you when you were an innocent young child….Bless You again!  your friend, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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