West Side Story…A real classic…4:50 p.m. EST Sat.

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok Ok, at 54 I might be considered at geezer….but to look at me, is to love me….I look 20 years younger….and, my favourite classic movie is on (Performance) the West Side Story…..1961….oh God I am in heaven….I got my cat beside me….my wife beside me….I’m drinking the wine and just reminicing….I remember those Jets and Sharks look a likes when my Father used to teach them at the High School  four doors down from our house….I remember them well….and that is why I always loved that movie anytime it plays….I don’t even have to talk about Natalie Woods stellar performance and beauty or Leonard Berstien’s magnificient triumph in the musical score….ok…it is on again….signing off….Andy


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