Arturo Gatti….Boxing Pro, I cannot believe you are gone!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Arturo, it’s been three days already…..I cannot believe anybody has not posted a sincere heartfelt blog about you…..God Arturo, I didn’t even know that you were Canadian…..I remember you just as I do Oscar de la Hoya, two young good looking guys who just like my personal hero of all times in the boxing world, Mohammad Ali,  emerged practically unscathed….God, Arturo, I am going to miss you….I truly am…..whatever happened in Brazil only God and the fuck heads in Brazillian court will determine and tell…but, Arturo, I can speak I think, on behalf of one hell of a lot of straight macho guys who are going to miss you…..Via Con Dios Esse…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Much love brother, you will be missed, but more importantly you will be remembered, Love, a brother, Andy from Ottawa, Canada…..


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