Perry Dunlop….Deserves a Royal Commission – Part Deux

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Readers, since I posted that Perry deserves a Royal Commission yesterday, my ass is still burning…..I am that flaming mad….Royal Commissions have been called in for egregious criminals (but rightfully so for David Millgard, let’s get that straight, he deserved one)….Royal Commissions have been also called into numerous white collar inter-governmental scandals….the biggest scandal that strikes me personally…..ok, I’m a lay person, ex-cop…..the one that needs to be called is the pebble that should be in every former and current police officer….ya ok, they’ll send one out to slaughter i.e. Perry, but think hard police officers and brothers, then they will come for you…..just like the old story about Nazi Germany…..who knows when by-standers stand silent until they come for them….and I harken back to my blog concerning tasers….check me out at…..and read what I witnessed personally about cover up…..even to my direct face in little butt-hole town Ottawa, Canada back in 1984…..please make your voices heard, through your MPs, Senators, any governmental person of influence……Perry was a hero, still is, and deserves recompense and accolades……remember they could come after you next!¬† Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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