Perry Dunlop Deserves a Royal Commission!!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok Ok, the guy who was with another guy sneaking up to mug an old man and the old man in self defence knifes the other guy, but THE guy gets to have a royal commission into “his wrongful conviction” even though he was the author of his stupid misfortune….

Now, I think it’s high bloody time we have an honest cop who was only doing his damn job in Cornwall relentlessly pursuing and damn near convicting pedophile rapists and sodomites but the mason ring wearers and bearers obstificated him and his task…..end result….honest cop goes to jail for refusing to testify after years of his own character, testimony, honesty, evidence, etc etc etc ad nauseum is called into court question… wonder the poor guy shut down….hey,can anybody stand up to a court full of mason ring wearers….hey I’m talking judges here….crown prosecuters, policemen, witnesses, all of the accused including all of the clergy from lay priests (teeheehee) right up to bishops… wonder the guy said fuck it and skipped town….where he lives happily I assume in the west coast…..but, like any cop even us ex-cops, we always feel that pebble in our shoe….it grows bigger everyday when we realize we’ve either forgotten something or we have been forgotten ourselves when we were only doing our bloody job…..I understand Perry very well…..never met the guy….but I admire him big time!  Best to you Buddy….if you read this…..yours, Andy from Ottawa, Canada.


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