Saudi Family Sues A Genie???????

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ohhhh, Ummmm, hmmmm, ok, somebody in Saudi Arabia probably on some good hash rubbed and rubbed and rubbed a little brass lantern and a genie popped out and the poor sand monkey thought the guy said, “I give you three wishes”…..ummmm, I guess the guy came to after his good buzz on and realized, hey, I got ripped off….I spent so many dinars on this hash and all I got was a stupid genie….well, that’s how they think I guess….sue you, sue me, blues…eat it up loser….you do the hash, accept the crash….ok, you had a bummer of a trip, so go ahead keep us amused…follow up on your ghost genie trial….I want to hear more….but I cannot write more because I”m splitting my guts laughing and I’m on the floor…thank God my wife is typing this….Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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