Car into Grand Canyon…A Feat of Stupidity!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok ok, I know people are stupid….forty years ago me and my family and obviously my parents….we drove down highway 1 all along the western coast of the USA….yes, in the old days it was called Highway 1, and it only had regular guard rail for cars….and, several months later forty years ago we drove along the Grand Canyon starting from Arizona….the guard rails were even bigger then…..hell, we’re talking almost 2 miles into the abyss… are you telling me forty years later in this sue you, sue me, blue society where I’m always a victim…nothing is my fault that they have not re-inforced those roads and barriers so no fool can accidently cause his or her own demise?  As soon as I heard it on CNN about the Grand Canyon fatality, the first thing I did was look at my wife and say “no way, no how”…..I don’t know how the guy did it in the Grand Canyon, but you can be sure he did it purposely….there is no way in the zeigist of these times that the powers that be do not protect us from ourselves….so, loser at the bottom of the Canyon, I hope you’re chuckling in laughter because your death was for naught….you’re not going to get a penny I am sure from the department of transportation, the state, the federal park or your insurance….why didn’t you just snuff yourself with booze and pills you loser…..that is all I have to say….Andy


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