Jon and Kate Plus 8….Never thought I would write this…..

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Jon……I don’t mean it that way Bud, anyways, all the feminist nazis were on your side throughout the show… be honest…I only saw one or two episodes, I snoozed off….I’ll admit that….but anyways, you had the femmie nazis on your side while you were a dickless dork, now, with the divorce papers served everything on track for both of you, you, and the bitch now because you are having fun the femmie nazis are out to emmasculate you…..isn’t that bizarre?  Damned if you do……you’re a hen pecked dork…..damned if you don’t….you’re having too much fun… hell with them Jon….enjoy your fun….you long deserved it….and as I said before, I’ve only seen 2 shows that I slept through but apparently back then all the femmie nazis where on your side……WOW!  talk about a 180 turn….anyways, always remember, when it gets down to court time (been there, done that, done the time) man is vice, woman is virtue….what a crock of shit eh?  all my best, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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