Steve Earle…What Does it take to Rattle your Cage?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Steve, ok…..ok….you’re probably in some transendental state….God…I remember the man that used to be you, who would have come out hissing and whirling and clawing like a freakin wild cat if someone rattled your cage…..I rattled your cage twice already dork…and you cannot pretend you don’t know me…..I got your personal permission for the tattoo, I was in the tour bus when SCMC came in….you know that too, and, I talked many times to your ex-wife Theresa………are you that much of a yuppy latte drinking greasy haired pony tailed pacifist shit head that you don’t have the fire in your belly anymore like I knew you when you were cool?  Man!  I say again, detox and abstinence is for fucking losers…..Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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