Taser Murder…..Policeman Recounts Previous Testimony….

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Readers, ok, you know I got a real hard on when it comes to police using tasers……on one hand I say none of them should…..police officers should be in a mind set that their well paid for their job (as an ex-cop even I thought that way)……and, we should be able and fit to take down anybody within reason…..now, on the second hand, we have case upon case that tasers do kill, and why, because they are issued them…..and, we have a cop and because of the timing I can only assume it was the BC case of an RCMP officer tasering to death a disturbed Polish immigrant at the airport……I assume that is the case in question….anyways, said police officer, I assume, changed his sworn testimony because he was uncertain now whether he had in fact issued a taser warning……man, that chills me to the bone…..cops who trained me, I served with and under were all for the most part in Ottawa body building Adonises and would never have needed a lethal secondary weapon (obviously our 38s were the first lethal weapon) to subdue any one man……I don’t understand cops these days…..they all look alike, they are clones of some upper middle class family, they are overly well paid now and their hands are always clean……hell, I left in 1991 and I still have arthritis in all of my knuckles when it is cold outside…that’s what we used to use…..that and our brains and pacifying words eminating from our mouths……I cannot understand this tasering shit…..if cops were like we used to be I think there would be no need for tasers…..ya, we had the black nyla night sticks, but even then, we knew not to use them unless the perp was the same colour as you…..so, to that cop, I assume the BC RCMP officer…..you sunk your own ship when you changed your testimony……that, is major crime coming from an officer…..so evidently you did not warn the guy….you just pointed and shot the taser……did you ever think of talking to the guy?  did you ever think of wrestling with the guy and pinning him?  that is all I have to say…..Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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