Taser Stories….and David Utman…Now you got the connection…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Well Dear Readers, I am proud of you all, you finally are doing what I implicitely implied for weeks…..connect the dots of my taser stories to that murdered police officer, David Utman…late of Nepean Police Department….1984….before we amalgamated….I’m so glad to have all of the blog hits that I have had which means YOU are realizing the truth of a 25 year old crime that was distorted and obstificated under the so called Ontario Justice system…..man I’m glad to kick some ass….and if anybody wants to sue me….I’ve got colon cancer, that I refuse treatment for, a head injury from a motorcycle accident, so I am part paralyzed on the entire right side, walk with a cane, and live on CPP and I probably have cirrohsis by now…..so go ahead, sue me, what are you going to get?  a desicated old fart….go for it man…..but as long as I’m living still….rest assured this ain’t over Al….much disrepect…..Andy from Ottawa…..


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