Candy Crowley I am so happy for you Sweetheart…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dearest Candy, I am so happy that I wrote my blog and you cannot believe the number of hits I have had daily I might add……you have one hell of a lot of fans like me who are so happy about your change in a very very good way in your life… look fabulous sweetheart…and don’t get me wrong…I am straight….and, as per my previous message I always loved CNN female correspondents and reporters… my books dear, actually I am going to call you Babe, you’re right up with Christianne Amanpour….come over to Ottawa anytime, p.s. I’m not allowed in the USA so you have to come up here on your dime…..and spoil me, and take me out for candle light dinners and I would love to talk to you for hours…..about the people you have met and stories you have covered…..I am a true news professional myself, especially when it comes to the middle east…….I hope to hear from you soon…’re looking fantastic Girl!  Love from a fan, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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