Chretien…..Queens Order of Merit? What for?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Chretien getting an order of merit from the Queen?  I don’t have to repeat what you already know…..the real people who deserved it….i.e. Mandella, etc…..but, a drunken sod who talks to imaginary homeless people and brags about it, a white collar criminal par excellence, in other words as much as it pains me, I have to admit he is highly intelligent…..a weaving wobbling no fixed position drunk and for that matter same thing above as a politician……I am disgusted as a Canadian…..I am disgusted as someone who follows the news daily and can think of one hell of a lot more Canadians i.e. our scientists, our Afghan warriors, Pierre Trudeau (posthumasly), very very brave soldiers of ours who serve in Nato, I am truly disgusted…’s just like when the Beatles were made OBEs back in the 60s…….it diminishes the value of the award….it diminishes the value of the persons merit compared to dorks who get it now a days….much disgust, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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