USA and CDN Citizens Arrested in Mexico!!!!!!!!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Here we go again, another hunt for Gringos in the pig nation…..ya right….you going to hold up some more families for extortion money while the females are raped repeatedly and the men are sodomized ad nauseum….you pig nation…’re tearing your own nation apart because the cartels are stronger than your government and police…didn’t I just read this morning on CNN that the twelve bodies along side a highway were all national federalalies (your own police force you dorks)…, here we go again…..holding 12 Gringos for hostage….do not think for a moment you pigs that people are not or have not entertained a Chuck Norris moment….I can say no more….you pigs….you pig nation…..Andy from Ottawa, Canada…


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