Hezbolla Party in Lebanon!!!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Hey Hezbolla, far be it from me to sing the Beastie Boys rap song “Hey we got the right to Parrrrrrrty!” ok, so, you’re parrrrrrtttttty ing, right now….blowing up people, cars, buildings, animals, soldiers, roads, infrastructure, super structure, farmland and anything else you sand monkey brains can think of…..and, you are in a host country?  hmmmm, think there is going to be a Chuck Norris moment on you too….you’re not very good paaaaaarrrrttty guests!  but, watch your backs, well actually, that’s not true……watch your fronts…..watching your back is how you sand monkeys do everything you do….behind the back…..so, you’re going to have a Chuck Norris moment too….can’t wait to see you on CNN when a couple of you are flying through the air after Chuckie…..I can say no more…..best wishes sand monkeys….Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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