Madonna Stage Collapse…An Outrage!!!!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Oh Madonna, I could write odes to you about your one hell of a fun life….and believe me Madonna, I mean real truthfully and respectfully….no joking here….I respect you and your lifestyle and your triumphs for exactly what everybody hates you for….you are a smart woman, a brilliant one at that….who thinks like a man….and that’s why they damn you….i.e. look to the persecution and incarceration of Martha Stewart…you know where I’m coming from Madonna….and as for the tragedy at the stage the guys were setting up….I have no doubt in my heart that you and your crew will seek out the survivors of the injured and the survivors of that one man who died and do the classy thing and out of your generosity and inner beauty help them out…so, I am writing this so that I can be proven right….when I say….to many others, I like Madonna a lot…and respect her a lot….and here’s why…….plus she’s a babe…..your unknown fan, amongst millions, straight, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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