Melissa Auf De Maur….I cannot believe you’re sick!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Honest to God Melissa, I wrote about you about 2 weeks ago, and I was hit many times about you on my blog…..Melissa, as I had recounted in that previous blog, I was saying forget Courtney and Hole and everything….you were bigger than them…all the guys, were watching only you.  Melissa, as a schion of family academia, I knew about your family long before you ever struck it big…..I’m 54, so you’re probably younger…..but, I always loved your Dad, believe it or not….I loved reading his newpaper articles, he wrote so poetically, and beautifully and some of his articles would have made even Arnold Swartznagger’s arm hair stand on end….so, yes I do remember your Dad….and remember when you were playing with Hole…..anyways, now here it is the 16th of July and I just saw on a news flash you are suffering from the Swine Flu….how the hell did you get that?  Were you travelling or something?  I know you have to live with this….small joke here….anyways, take care of yourself beautiful woman, brilliant woman, a true member of a beautiful pedigree…..your fan, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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