NJ State 5 Cops Shot…My Sympathies!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

To the Cops, my sympathies, and prayers, even though I am not a best friend anymore……ex-cop falsely accused, persecuted, and incarcerated……I still do feel for 5 guys down, but at least you have a better track record than we do in Ottawa……one guy, snuffed one cop and wounded over 11 others….yet he walked out of the place unharmed…..at least you killed the 2 SOBs, so kudos to you guys, obviously, I think, in my mind anyways, there were para-military, if not full military training on both sides……best wishes for the coppers…..and, too bad, so sad, you weren’t up to snuff, the 2 bad guys…..yours, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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