Shannon Tweed Day in Ottawa? Ya Right!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, ok, some coke trollop and her very very highly intelligent and successful rock god of a husband try to foist on the city of Ottawa that she, Shannon, deserves a Shannon Tweed Day… I said in a previous blog…..ya I knew Shannon for the two years she lived here and when she would drop into the city from time to time, but I knew her when I was a policeman……walking the beat up and down the street and what street was that?  Bank Street… upper town Ottawa….i.e. the hard core bar strip…..not the up scale downtown bars in lower town (what a dichotomy eh?)  anyways, that was Shannon Tweed’s fun…..Hooper’s to Barrymore’s, restaurant on Bank and Gladstone (in all honesty I forget the name)…..and then all the way back again….and then, onto Crystal’s / Remy’s a bar I bounced at, illegally I might add, because a cop cannot be a bouncer, and she was always the same…..a coke trollop….sorry Gene, but hey, you bragged that you bagged over 4000 girls you said…..just keeping it real here man…..kudos to Jan Harder for shooting this stupid Tweed Day out of the air….peace out, Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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