Hello? Do you want to solve a cop murder? and everything that went behind it?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Hey Ottawa goofs, one and all, myself included, what does it take for you dorks to connect taser story one to three and the David Utman Story?  I’m very disappointed….I thought I lived in an intelligent community with intelligent life forms……I can’t believe it….you’re letting and abeiting by your lack of interest in a 25 year old police murder ie. the policeman himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I have revealed to you what went down that day….and the day before….and there is no rush to the press…..and like my wife says right now….Andy let it go!  they don’t care what the hell are you doing?  well, me, Andy here talking, cannot and will never get over the injustice and ego of a certain police officer superior to me in position that enabled that murder of a real good guy from what I heard and a brother officer…..and as my wife says emphatically I might add…..Let it go!  how can I?  I got colon cancer, I’m sure the C has mastisized into my lungs, I can feel it…..I’m already part paralyzed from a brain injury and yes, I’m sure I have cirrohsis so, sue me….go ahead Al…sue me…you piece of shit….I’ll put up my word of honour as a man against your whispering whining words of a weasel anytime in court….and you testified against me in an unrelated case just to testify that you and your sneaks aka swat team, your inbred spies ie. Phil, Phil T, Kenny D, etc etc…etc….so anyways, go ahead sue me you piece of crap…..I’ll see you on the other side…..and my trident will be much sharper than yours….my trident is also empowered by SCMC….legally, morally, humanly and righteously…you got away with it for 25 years……I aim to snuff that right now…..much disrepect….Andy from Ottawa…..#690


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