USA Hand Transplant Patient…Congratulations!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, Ok, Ok, my big brother yes is indeed, Al Bundy and my father yes, is indeed Archie Bunker……so, you, successful double hand transplant patient, you should be congratulated on your very very good recovery…..but why oh why, would you say in the name of all that is good of NOMAM say that you cannot wait to touch your wife’s hands?  do you not know or understand that wife hands are for avoiding because they are filled with warts, carbuncles, cysts and everything unholy to us NOMAM men!  You sir…..pardon me while I’m still rolling on the floor laughing as my wife is typing this for me…..are a silly man….in all seriousness, I’m slapping myself on the face myself…..Congratulations Bud!  and that is a beautiful thought for your wife….yes, us NOMAM men can be human too….from time to time…..and for particular cases we analyze in depth….and then vote on……so thumbs up to you Bud!  Motion agreed….and passed…we cut you a good pass….so enjoy your wife’s hands….Best to you Buddy!  RSVP anytime, and I want it to be you typing yourself….to prove to me that your recovery continues…, as I said only your typing yourself….your new friend, Andy in Ottawa, Canada…..


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