Expanding Victim Lists of Hate Crimes…oh oh…oh oh…we’re sailing into trouble here…

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok, ok, I agree there is too much hate in North America, across the world for that matter…..and for that I truly am sorry…..but, now, the USA is going to expand their list of target hate victims so that they can increase sentencings on perpetrators…..and no doubt Canada will follow soon…..ok, ok, sounds all well and good…..but what about us?  Is white invisible?  are not white people victims too?  do you really believe the ending of the Central Park Jogger Rape Case….do you believe that for an instant….especially the outcome……but, ohhhhhh no, ohhhhhh no, it was a white victim…..so that was not a hate crime….look here to Canada all the shootings and rapes at will and at wanton there in Toronto……oh no hate crime…..no hate crime here…..stupidity like this, if it can bring out the ire in people like me, and I consider myself rather high on the evolutionary scale of mental development….what is this message going to give to people in general……and as for expanding hate crimes against transgender people….most of them are male prostitutes impersonating women and the john once he realizes what he was dealing with….yes, freaks out…..but is it a hate crime?  or a case of him realizing his own stupidity…..and the fact that he was misled……I don’t excuse that crime….don’t get me wrong…..but I think that is a bandwagon Canada is going to hitch onto……ignore a fag, talk back to a fag, raise a limb to a fag, oh oh…….and as for raising your fist to anybody who is not of your colour even when they’re robbing you or picking through your wallet or breaking into your house…..a la home invasion….well if you’re protecting yourself and you hurt somebody other than yourself you just committed a hate crime….and they can sue you….and believe me there are lots of shaven headed flannel shirt wearing so called females who will testify on your behalf and defend you…..but, once again…if my wife was stupid enough to walk down to a local Mac’s milk and she was mugged, severly beaten, raped, robbed, and hospitalized for months….because of her colour if it happened to be not her skin colour,  it would not be a hate crime……..so, what are you going to do about it?  it just makes me puke…..so, I guess I am just going to have to scrub and scrub my skin colour until I am invisible then maybe I can be a special interest group…..doesn’t this want to make you spew……Andy from Ottawa, Canada



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5 responses to “Expanding Victim Lists of Hate Crimes…oh oh…oh oh…we’re sailing into trouble here…

  1. Andy…wow! This post makes me feel like society hasn’t progressed at all.

    Let me give you a secret that will keep the food in your stomach…there are bad people that do bad things…there are people that comment on the bad people that do bad things. Be a good person…and don’t let the bad ones bring you down.

    One that refers to race as an issue in any conversation does not have the intelligence that warrants a response. Once again, you should consider the source.

    • Andy Stephen

      To Blackdogwandering:
      Andy here, wise words my friend…..including your second comment I received too….you are obviously a gentleman and a scholar….keep in touch anytime….I would like to hear more from you….hope to hear from you soon…..yes, I have more than a modicum of humility in my mental schemata and you have opened my eyes and I am honest enough to admit it is a good thing…..best to you Blackdog…..Andy from Ottawa…..

      • Your post is relevant. I share your feelings. I know you have humility as it is evident in your words. I have fought for justice for many years on many levels. One day I came to the conclusion that rather then fight the bad people, I was going to inspire good people. Ultimately, inspiring good in people will serve the same purpose but be more effective. We are in dangerous territory as a society, the lack of kindness and hope in the world keeps me awake at night. If you get a chance, visit blackdogwandering.com and click on the Preservation of Hope. I would really like to get your thoughts on the project. Take care.

        – H.K.

    • Andy Stephen

      Dear H.K.,
      I feel I know you already….I will check out your blog, in depth tomorrow because I am going to bed now….Cancer is a bitch….anyways, I cannot wait to peel page by page your work and as I said before, I already think I know you….you are a good person, can’t wait to envelope all of your writings and digest them…and of course I will RSVP….please give me your email so I can get it quickly….here’s mine number1duffus@hotmail.com…..can’t wait to meet you sometime….over a fantastic supper and fantastic red wine….your new friend, Andy

  2. Andy,

    The best email address to reach me is admin@blackdogwandering.com…we will talk soon. Take care of yourself.


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