Lebanon’s Thanks to the UN….5:41 p.m. July 18, 2009

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok ok, here we go again, watching the news today 5:41 p.m., July 18, 2009 and Lebanon is about to go into a hell of a civil war and hand basket again, re:  Hezbollah…..bearing down on them……and yes of course, the UN is attacked…..ok, try to think like a sand monkey now…..your home and country and livelihood is under attack because of civil insurrection (that means civil war sand monkeys ie. your own people)…..and who gets shot up and killed?  The International Forces trying to split you apart so you don’t kill each other……me, I am a Canadian……and a damned proud one….and one who was a policeman, did time in the military….militia etc….for years…..and, am very well educated and knowledgeable….so, just using my reptilian brain (just so you can get it sand monkeys that means the lowest part of my brain pre-mammalian)…..if I was a politician in Canada I would have said and already known….what the hell are we doing here?  let them slaughter each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! same as for USA’s follies into Iraq and now Afghanistan….what the hell are they doing there?  you sand monkeys are the author of your own misfortune and demise……wait until the day when we all walk out and leave you to your own devious devices…….you will implode…..!  God I’m sick of you people!  Fuck you all, disrespectfully, Andy from Ottawa


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