Mysterious Thong Man from Collingwood Ontario….I salute you!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ok Mystery Man from Collingwood, who loves his thong, I assume a la Borat…..hey, I’m straight, but I think your story is hilarious! and I hope you keep on keeping on……hey, myself, I would die to see Mystery Women walking throughout my neighbourhood in thongs…..even though I am 54 I’m house bound and I am on CPP….I would love to see thong wearing women walking all around my neighbourhood….I might even (because my wife is typing) I would even invite them in for lots of glasses of cold white wine… for you, the masculine warrior of the nouveau Borat look…..finally coming to Canada after 2 years….take it and run Buddy! and forget all those police charged misdemeanour tickets you have received….you’re going to have one hell of a lot a fans…females I hope, if that’s what you are looking for……to pay them off for you “in trade”….God get back to me….ASAP…..Andy from Ottawa…..


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