Walter Cronkite….ok…You Died at 92….we should all be that lucky!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Readers, yes I do agree we had the passing of a living “Forest Gump” who lived and reported live from every major story in the 20th century…..and he was by all appearances and reputation, a very distinguished gentleman and for that we all, I am sure, agree, it is a loss…….but hell he was 92…do you think we will all be that lucky?  Now across the pond as it were, one of the last British World War I Veterans died at 113, that too was an accomplishment par excellence….considering the USA didn’t enter WWI until the last year of the war…..(1917)…..and the war ended in 1918……so, whose death deserves all the air time on CNN?  Respectfully, truthfully, and honestly, I say both……one was an observer participant….and the other a heroic active participant….sorry for talking sociology 101 here…..but, let’s get real……92……113…..they both did well….and they both deserve accolades and praises…..but I lean more towards 113 years……get my point?  Respectfully, especially to those 2 Gentlemen who I will pray tonight before I go to bed….Thank you God for including those 2 Gentlemen in humanity and our lives….much love and respect, Andy from Ottawa, Canada…..


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One response to “Walter Cronkite….ok…You Died at 92….we should all be that lucky!!!!!

  1. I just had to reply to this one. You posed the question…”whose death deserves all the air time on CNN?”

    My response to that question would be…who cares? Michael Jackson received more coverage then both of your subjects. Consider the source. Both men lived honorable lives, and I assume they were loved by family and friends. Those are the the people that matter, and no news source will change that.

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