Collingwood Thong Man…Part Deux

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Honest to God Collingwood Man, I cannot get your story out of my mind… know like a silly, funny jingle that you hear on TV that sticks in your mind forever……I even thought of a little ditty for you trying to drive this funny, hilarious, ridiculous story out of my brain….so here goes, SMOKE A BONG, WEAR A THONG, SHOW YOU GOT ONNNE, IT’S ALL IN FUUNNNNNN, MAYBE YOU SEE CONNIE CHONG….THEN YOU REMEMBER, CHEECH AND CHONG….OH WHAT FUUNNNNN…..but remember dear friend, you got to do it fast and in a spanish accent….it’s sounds better, especially when you’re smoking…this story has enlivened me so much…I love it…..please think of something more ridiculous to top this… a Borat thong under and over, you know what I mean…..and, little tassels on your male nipples that would be great because then they would show on TV across Canada that way we could all take a gander at you and your exploits as I said are guaranteed to be across the country…..your fan in Ottawa, and as I repeated earlier I am straight but I am not narrow and I do have one hell of a sense of humour…..Best to you Bud, Cheers, Andy from Ottawa….


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