France…ya the Country…just watching about the D-Day Invasion…..

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

France, I know you’re motto is, Liberte, Egalite, Run Away….and I was just watching on History Channel about your once again, pathetic performance during WWII especially under that asshole who was living in England the whole time, de Galle, my God, you have a miserable history… many many many people’s mind throughout the generations the only French we saluted were your Resistance Fighters….the rest of you were pond scum Vishy pieces of shit…..and as I was watching this channel it occurred to me, ya, the USA, Canada, and Britain lost thousands to liberate you….and we did…..ya, we sucked back your bottles of wine in the heady days of victory, your women slept with us, but the whole time you were just sitting back sharpening your knives to stab us all in the back…..look at the way you are today….anti-Israel, anti-USA, anti-Canada (you sucked up to the Separatists big time even de Galle had a word to say about that ie. Vive le Quebec libre!)….you are just drunken cowards and a dog nation… are just dog people and snobs…just like the English of England are…..thank God in Canada our English Canadians and our French Canadians when the rubber hits the road we integrate, literally and figuratively and rise way above our so called two founding nations….they make me puke!  God I’m glad I do not have my mother’s fake english accent and God I’m glad that I have never met a Quebec so called separatist…..we are strong here!  ya, we allow the politicians to play their board games of brinkmanship, but, we’re too busy enjoying our Labatte”s Blue and hard rum to listen to this bullshit…, anyways, France, ya, you rule EU now….keep on stabbing our allies in the back, but always remember, like one of my heroes of WWII, George Patton said, “I’d rather face the Germans in front of me, than have the French behind me at my back”… true…enough said….Andy from Ottawa, Canada…


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