Alberta Professor study into PST? WWI? They were executed!!!!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Oh my God, I cannot believe the title of what I am about to write about… Alberta Professor is going to back date his studies of PST back to WWI…..well, Professor Goof, all our Canadians who suffered indesputably shell shock (now diagnosed as PST) were ordered executed from cowardice in the face of the enemy by that British motherfucker SOB who probably never saw a battle front in his life and we have schools and streets named after him in Canada?  I am referring of course to that piece of shit that I hope is still twisting and turning and frying in hell, where according to my Muslim belief the flames of hell are 50 times hotter than regular fire…..remember that Professor…..ya, a study into combat fatigue….don’t use British records or archives…..they are poisoned….they loved sending out the colonials i.e. Canadians, Australians, Sengalise, East Indians, as canon fodder while the Brits just sucked their tea and went teeheehee…of course I realize and recognize that lots of Brits died, but thank God for a Canadian hero as in General Sir Arthur Currie who on his own must have bitch slapped that pompous ass of Haig and at least slowed down our blood letting for a while, while that pompous SOB and his pompous country just went la-dee-dah…through the graveyards of the so called lowly colonials….obviously, I hate the Brits just as I hate my own mother’s fake brit accent and I am a proud Scotsman……Scotland the Brave Always!  Enough said, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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