Beastie Boys….Adam I am with you Brother….All of us are with you….

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Adam, ya you are younger than me I am sure, I’m 54, 3 years ago diagnosed with colon cancer and I looked at the doctor when he said, ok let’s attack this…..and I looked at him and said, what?  give up cigarrettes and wine….no way!!!!!!!! you know what Adam…still doing fine…, when I heard about you, the most coolest guy (white guy!!!) doing rap and blowing everybody away and rising right to the top of the charts and still strong, I took it very personal Adam…..please fight the good fight, you got the right to Paaaarrtty! Adam I’m not trying to be a Dr. Kavorkian here but do you want to take chemo and puke your hospital bed 24/7 or take radiation and be like a freakin lobster once it’s cooked?  Fight the good fight Adam….believe in your beautiful faith, and, live every moment like it is for everybody in the world, our last moment…..I believe the Romans called it Carpe Diem….so, if you can, RSVP……wishing you the best…..Shalom for now until I hear from you……….respectfully, Andy from Ottawa, Canada


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