Chris Brown….Contrite? Ya Right!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Ya just watching HLN right now, at 7:56 p.m. ya right Chris Brown contrite!  I rather doubt it….”them is crocodiles tears mannnnnn”….he’s just sorry for his punk ass….and just like OJ start ticking the clock….we’re going to hear a lot from that man (using that term loosely) in years to come….and, me thinks we’re going to hear more about Mike Vick…..would you want him to be your dog walker / handler?  Ya, I do believe some people can rehabilitate….but, I was never fooled by OJ in the early years and look what happened….and it happened again….and, I do not believe by watching these two clowns with their eye talk (psychology 101 here) this ex-cop ain’t fooled for a New York second….yours, Andy from Ottawa, Canada….



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2 responses to “Chris Brown….Contrite? Ya Right!!!!

  1. albummusik

    Yes…that is good opinion…but just relax man…so you can listen :

    • Andy Stephen

      To Albummusik,
      ya you said it was a good opinion….and you tell me to relax, well I ain’t FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD….so I don’t relax…especially when a beautiful face like Rhianna’s is smashed and pulverized by a coked out bully….so, if you want my opinion I suggest because you download music, download Kingston Trio (my father’s favourite folk group) the song Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley… he’s gonna be the next OJ I’m sure….successful, rich beyond his belief, idled and stupid and natural born victimizer….so anyways, in terms of redeeming himself I’ll bet my last dollar he ain’t gonna make it….much respect, RSVP if you wish….and as you can tell I got a lot to say….remember, I’m an ex-cop, psychology degree, worked with the homeless 13 years, rode with the bad boys with my Harley, in other words I didn’t fall off no turnip truck…respectfully, Andy from Ottawa….

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