Taser Story….Now they blow you up i.e. Australia yesterday!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Readers, as you have probably read from my previous blogs, as as old cop retired, I despise and loath tasers……they are a cowards way out…..and the pukes who would be behind them would never have been hired as cops in my day…..of that I am very sure….now, on CNN this morning I saw once again, on the crawler that some genius probably a policeman’s son or police chief’s son or maybe even an Australian swat team member tasered a guy when he was carrying and threatening to kill himself with “a package of gasoline”, ok Dear Readers taser the guy with electricity right away!  Hell if that is not swat team thought, I don’t know what is….trust me, I worked amongst them (at very long arm’s length, couldn’t stand the bastards) and the guy naturally exploded into flames because of the taser…..so, anyways, here we go again another taser horror story….whatever happened to the old days of a cop using his brains first then his vocabulary then his fists?  What happened to them good old days?  I cannot believe you Australia!  I thought you were the guys from Crocodile Dundee Land…..you know the tough guys….mano a mano…well, I guess you joined us in North America….zapping them left right and centre like they were mosquitos and you are the zap stick…..Good God I’m so glad I’m out of policing now!  Actually, on second thought maybe I should be back in……mano a mano….that is the way it should have always stayed…..ZAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ZAP!!!!!!!!!!ZAP!!!!!!!!!!Andy from Ottawa….


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