Wayne Gretsky….are you the Collingwood Thong Man?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

To Wayne, it just occurred to me today that you are from Collingwood Ontario….are you the Mysterious Thong Man from Collingwood?  Are you looking for another career?  Are you looking for another wife (if you’d give up your current wife….you’re nuts)…are you looking for some type of attention?  We know your name is nothing now…..your fake fame (hockey players taking the multiple hits to protect you, little golden pretty boy) career, even through to when you pretended to be the Canadian National Hockey Coach……what a joke!  Weenie Wayne…..lost his fame….now he wears a thong….and sings like Jane….ding dong ding dong…..yours in all true respect….a real fan (yuck) Andy from Ottawa…..


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