Bronski Beat….What ever happened to you? RSVP…!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

To the Bronski Beat Boys, I was explaining to my wife exactly why I often use the term, Relax don’t do it…..and explaining today about the great gay groups of 1980s when I was in my hey day….in the dance bars as a bouncer etc….and yes, I am straight, but I was never narrow minded….and the 1980s gay groups were very very popular in Canada…absolutely mind blowing….then, out of the blue I started talking about one of my all time favourites…if not THE all time favourite group….I am talking Bronski Beat here…..with their song…Small Town Boy….whatever happened to you guys?  Are you still doing well?  Are you producers or totally out of the business?  You guys blew everybody away when your music stormed and blasted all of the dance bars and dance halls…..the reason I say dance bars and dance halls is because thankfully you were after disco….yuck disco….yuck disco…..anyways….I hope all you guys are doing well, if you want here’s my blog  Get back to me anytime….and by the way…I’ve loaned out so many copies of your cassette, I’ve never gotten one back….so if you can send me one…please….Respectfully, a fan who has never forgotten you….Sincerely, Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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