Prison Riot…One Dead…Not too Cool!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

As an ex-cop who was falsely accused, wrongfully convicted, and unjustly sentenced, to provincial time (i.e. 2 years, less a day) as soon as I walked in, ya everybody was against me….because I was an ex-cop, and even the guards made sure to spread the word….long story short…within a week nooooo problem….I won’t say being 6′ 2″, 200 pounds (then), had anything to do with it….it was my mind….so, obviously I saw a lot…and as my favourite old saying is….”jail?…I had a riot, figuratively and literally!”…..ya, 1996…..Innes Road in Ottawa, Detention Centre….ya, I was one of the leaders, I admit it….now, because of my experience, ex-cop, ex-con, independent biker, know alot of the bad boys etc etc….ya we know the type of people that get snuffed in a lock down riot….don’t feel sorry for them people….they are diddlers, rapists, molesters of any type, and rats….believe me….we even had a few of our own….and they were well protected….by guys like me…so as not to accelerate an already volatile situation….so, don’t feel sorry for the one….you don’t know what he had done….one name springs to mind….read Roger Caron’s book Bingo and you will understand….Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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