Ontario Police Officer Charged with Stunt Driving?

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

As my title says, Ontario Police Officer Charged with Stunt Driving, and, the police vehicle was seized….absolute nonsence and ridiculousness…..every cop, myself included in my career has done the same thing in quiet parking lots, ice fields, quiet empty roads, this is called “honing your skills”….i.e. for the next car chase you will no doubt be faced with…..me, I had chases at least every second week…and why, I pulled out a lot of guns, dope, wanted criminals, etc etc….and if the guy was even driving to the extreme i.e. side slipping, big deal….did he endanger anybody?  who are the witnesses? were any citizens around?  me thinks the NDP inspired SIU and other over sight committees had something to do with this….me, my old nickname with the police was either Andy Strange (according to A. Sauralt who even testified that nobody dared call me that to my face, as if I would have cared) or Blue Streak…obviously because our cars had changed from black and whites to blue…ya, I was naughty…but I never endangered anybody but myself….and I learned a lot and only lost about 3 chases because I was driving Ford cruisers at the time (1980s the worst era of Ford)….make a long story short….kudos to the cop….RSVP personally if you wish…..yours, Andy from Ottawa, Canada….


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