President Obama…Man you blew it big time!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Dear Pres Obama…..always loved and admired you….still do and always will….love your wife and adorable daughters….especially that younger one…she is obviously a Daddy’s girl, as are my four daughters….anyways, Pres Obama you blew it big time, and I can sum it up in three words…….RUSH TO JUDGEMENT……you know what I mean…..don’t believe the hype…..until you know better…..even if you call Gates a friend….we have all met intelligent, successful people who are cloistered in ivory towers still, they live in the past and pass on their venomous pseudo experiences onto the gullible….be they students, the media, or the public at large….I honestly expected better of you Pres….yours, Andy from Canada



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2 responses to “President Obama…Man you blew it big time!!!!

  1. Friend or not, as President, Hussen Obama was totally out of line to publicly comment on what is and should be a local police matter.
    If Gates has a problem with his treatment by local police it should be handled through proper channels with the police department and local court system.
    Hussein Obama has lost a lot of creditability in my eyes commenting and downgrading local police for doing their job. An event a president should have never allowed himself to be drawn into in the first place. Extremely poor judgment on the presidents part.

    • Andy Stephen

      To pobept,
      you’re right Bud….as an ex-cop, even I still remember the stink and stench of political correctness and reverse racism….makes me puke…even up here in Canada, we’re dealing with it all the time….check out the crime in Toronto….and they blame us for creating it? Hell, we’re the victims, but they in court are treated like the original victims from which century, I don’t know which….but they’re the ones with the guns….up here in Canada the cops already know and are inculcated in their training….only shoot your own colour, even if it is in your self defence….I puke on them all….thanks for the comment….RSVP…pissed off….Andy from Canada

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