Professor Gates…Ok you got your 15 minutes of fame!!!!!

As told by Andrew James Murdoch Stephen

Gates, I cannot even bring myself to address you personally as a professor….my Father was a professor…my Mother, Sister and Brother were all teachers…and actually, my Sister is a full PhD and professor….and me, I’m the black sheep of the family….I was the cop of the family…twelve years in Ottawa, Canada…..anyways Gates, ok you got your fame for 15 minutes….the President pulled a boner big time and is now trying to slither out of it….and the Cop, he is not and never will back down for the expediency of political correctness and unneccessarily fall on his sword just to salve your ego and your undoubtedly powerful friends when he was only doing his damn job….ok Gates, you’re 15 minutes are up…..go piss off somewhere and never be seen and heard from again…..Andy from Ottawa, Canada



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2 responses to “Professor Gates…Ok you got your 15 minutes of fame!!!!!

  1. You may wish to do a little research on the esteemed professor. He has and will continue to have more than 15 minutes of fame. In fact, I imagine this incident, which was dropped by the police, will contribute to any future articles, books, or public broadcasting specials he does.

    • Andy Stephen

      To 4wrdthnkndad,
      No doubt he will flog this for eternity… I said before, and will say until my dying breath…that was his 15 minutes of fame….and I stand by what I say….Andy Warhol would well understand and console and salve his wounded little ego…..and what do you think about a President’s RUSH TO JUDGEMENT? What do you think about that too? Awaiting your reply with baited breath….Andy from Ottawa, Canada

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